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About Maven Social

Hey there, I'm  Karen, founder and Social Media Manager at  Maven Social.

Drawing from over 5 years of expertise cultivated at prominent agencies like EssenceMediacom, Reprise Digital, and twenty six, I've honed my craft in both organic and paid social management, orchestrating impactful campaigns for esteemed clients such as The Lego Group, The Financial Times, Asda Money, Sport England, and numerous others. Maven Social emerged from this wealth of experience.

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My journey began witnessing the profound impact of social media for major brands, prompting me to channel this accumulated knowledge into empowering small and independent brands.

At Maven Social, there are no guessing games. We are dedicated to crafting data-driven strategies.

From inception to execution, we focus on every facet, from content ideation to audience cultivation. I harness the latest, most effective practices to ensure that we efficiently engage your target audience.
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