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Winning Big on TikTok: A Guide for Brands 

While TikTok may have started as a niche platform with a primarily young demographic engaging in singing and dancing, it has now evolved into a mainstream sensation with broad appeal. 

In 2021, TikTok surpassed Google as the most popular website of the year. The platform’s true impact is evident in the actions of its major competitors. YouTube introduced 'Shorts' in 2021, and 'Reels' arrived on Facebook and Instagram the same year. This clearly shows that the tech giants at Facebook and Google recognise TikTok's power and popularity. 

With TikTok’s popularity continuing to rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore its significance in achieving social media objectives. If you're considering adding TikTok to your social media strategy, here are our top tips for winning big on the app. 

Make TikToks First and Ads Second 

This advice comes straight from TikTok itself. The platform advises advertisers and brands to prioritise creating TikToks first and ads second. This means embracing the content and themes trending on the site and then finding a way to integrate your message. Stick to trends relevant to your brand and product. While not every trend will work, TikTok’s rapidly changing themes and topics mean you can always try again. 

Aim for the "-Ables": Shareable and Relatable


Like any social media strategy, your TikTok content should offer value to your audience in return for their attention. This is especially true for TikTok, which is designed for bite-sized, shareable content. Creating entertaining or informative videos that resonate with your audience is a recipe for success. 

Many brands have found success with ‘How to’ style videos and tutorials. This approach offers two benefits: increased reach as users save and share your videos, and a boost from the TikTok algorithm, which favours actions like saves and repeated watches. 

Take a Platform-First Approach 

When building a content strategy for TikTok, align your approach with the platform’s unique performance dynamics. Create short, engaging videos with snappy, relevant captions and a touch of humour. Use relevant hashtags to propel your video to the top of the Discover page. 

A platform-first approach also means adjusting how you measure success. Unlike other platforms, where followers, likes, and comments are key metrics, TikTok’s user behaviour is different. While your videos may perform well, follower counts might grow more slowly. Focus on video views and shares as primary KPIs, as they indicate real success on the platform. 

Have Fun! 

TikTok is best suited for fun, relaxed, and down-to-earth content. Brands that succeed on the platform typically do so by offering authentic content that aligns with their brand while maintaining a light-hearted tone. Achieving this balance requires some trial and error, but the results are worth it. If you can build an engaged community on TikTok, they will amplify your message repeatedly. 


TikTok’s evolution from a niche platform to a mainstream giant highlights its importance in the social media landscape.

By making TikToks first and ads second, aiming for shareable and relatable content, taking a platform-first approach, and having fun, you can leverage TikTok’s unique dynamics to achieve your social media objectives. 

Ready to turn your TikTok strategy into a winning campaign? Get in touch, and we’ll help you make a splash on the platform. 

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